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Note to self

Year 31 was a year of fulfillment. Many of the BIG dreams I had few years ago finally came true this year. I officially launched my NGO, I’m back on television as a day actor on Tinsel (while a temporary role, still happy for the opportunity), and I made a HOOGE purchase!

So I know I’m entering Year 32 with a heightened spirit and confidence in myself, and the Grace of God always covers me; things truly happen when they are meant to. I can be honest and say that I’m a little nervous about getting older, while I never believe in rushing myself, sometimes it does feel like I’m running out of time. I know physically my body is getting older, I’m gaining weight and it’s like my body is literally punishing me for not having babies. But I have this feeling that Year 32 will be EVERYTHING AND MORE! You got it girl!

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