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Author page: anto

An Unread Speech

I was supposed to read this as part of a speech at a youth summit. We decided to freestyle instead but I didn’t want the words to go to waste so here they are… Be optimistic but also be realistic but don’t be pessimistic. First thing in the morning many people have woken up…

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2022: Year of Security

Happy New Year! Last year, in the group chat, my friend asked “What is your word for 2022?”. The first thing that came to my mind was SECURITY; being financially, socially, and emotionally secure. This year, I want to be safe and secure with myself and others, comfortable with my life and the people in…

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Note to self

Year 31 was a year of fulfillment. Many of the BIG dreams I had few years ago finally came true this year. I officially launched my NGO, I’m back on television as a day actor on Tinsel (while a temporary role, still happy for the opportunity), and I made a HOOGE purchase! So I know I’m…

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Booked and Busy, Productive and Paid: 2021 Q1 recap (Jan 1-Mar 31)

Inspired by my friend, Product Manager at TikTok and Founder of YTShop, Yinka (, and NY-based content creator Chinyere (, I’ve decided to follow their footsteps and share my personal and professional updates in the form of a newsletter. This first edition will be an overview and outlook on the first three months of the year…

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Honest Hour

I’m even having anxiety writing this; just reminds me of what I’ve been through over the past few years. So...this website should have been released in 2018, but here we are in 2020!  I always wanted a professional website, I even had to build one for myself in grad school but I wanted something more…

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