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Allow me to reintroduce myself

Allow me to reintroduce myself…

My name is A-N to the T O 🤣 but seriously…

My name is Munirat Antoinette Lecky known as Anto to most. I am a Muslim

Nigerian-American, born in New Jersey, USA, and has been living in Nigeria for almost 5 years. I was a full-time sports administrator before I decided to chase my dreams of being on TV instead of behind the scenes (and everything that comes with that). I am currently trying to get back involved in Sports but Nigeria doesn’t make it so easy. I currently co-own a haircare line, a marketing and management firm, and a gifting and branding company.

Let’s talk goals for the year. I started the year by recording episodes of my upcoming talk show “She’s A Boss” which I can’t wait for the world to see. A program that showcases powerful women and not your usual bank CEO or world leader. Then I literally booked a flight and came to America. I knew it would be freezing in New Jersey and COVID is outside, but your girl needed a break! Nigeria was driving me crazy! But I’ll be back soon and I have so much planned. Some projects dropping that COVID pushed back. Some projects I’ve been working on for years! Delay does not mean denial.

Also, remembered that I do so well working behind the scenes, so I definitely plan to get more into writing and production and execute more managerial projects for other people, not just myself.

To my fans, the Anto Army soldiers still out there, this year go bloody. I generally just do my work and go, but this year we are louding things! Thankful for all the support and hope to continue making you proud.

Now for the future, I really want to relass and be taken kairof so hopefully somehow I can be a house woman (I won’t say housewife cuz the way things are going, husbands have finished in the market). But more seriously, I’ve always had political ambitions. ALOT of people are asking me to contest. That was NEVER the plan. I wanted to earn an appointment and serve my country like that, but…running for office has been entering my head, especially after the End SARS protests, so we’ll see how it goes! Even my latest pictures look very campaign-like, something like Kamala Harris.

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