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An Unread Speech

I was supposed to read this as part of a speech at a youth summit. We decided to freestyle instead but I didn’t want the words to go to waste so here they are…

Be optimistic but also be realistic but don’t be pessimistic. First thing in the morning many people have woken up already angry, then they check social media and find more things to be angry about. How you start your day truly affects your mood throughout the day. I’m not here to sell you a dream, life is HARD. You make plans and then village people will mess them up. It happens so I believe it’s important to be ready for disaster. Always have a plan B, C, Z if need be. But also know that you have the power to overcome any situation especially when you prepare.

We always talk about success but forget about the condition we need to be in mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially to reach success. Don’t allow success you see on social media or the success stories you hear today cloud your judgment. Most people do not tell you of their failures, only the good parts. So you truly don’t know someone’s full story and the trials and tribulations they faced to reach the top. More than likely it wasn’t easy for them and more than likely won’t be easy for you. So be easier on yourself and others! Take care of yourself in all aspects of life. Avoid things that will hurt you mentally. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Try your best to stay physically fit. And be kind to people and connect but don’t accept too much rubbish. I do want to speak about using mental health as an excuse for bad behavior though. I am so happy that the GenZ speak openly about their mental health, however, hard work is still a part of life and I find it often times GenZ may want to give up in a difficult situation and blame mental health. Please let’s be guided. Success will not fall into your lap, some work has to be put in, so please know the difference between a situation affecting your mental health and you just being lazy.

And I’ll just leave you with the most important thing I believe anyone needs to move from point A to point B: CONFIDENCE. I believe in myself die! I truly think I can achieve anything and if I can’t, it’s because I didn’t apply myself and I was just too lazy. Please believe in yourselves! You are unstoppable. Yes there’ll be some hurdles here and there, but who doesn’t love a good challenge. The future belongs to those who make the most of the present.
Also, remember that Collaboration is key and supporters can help you to forge forward. So don’t be afraid to ask for help, but keep in the back of your mind that no one owes you a thing. Most importantly, Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot and take risks.

Being honest with oneself and others is key to dealing with all situations. Remember that and I wish you all the best in your journeys!

The world is waiting for you!
Be a change maker!

So let’s talk! Who is ready for the future?

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